Instant Roll on Lawn services

• You can collect your grass directly from Le Bois Roll on Lawns.
We cut our grass fresh every day to make sure that the grass is in good condition for our customers and don’t keep already cut grass that is in bad condition on our premises. Make sure you order grass before you come through to us to avoid disappointment.
• We can deliver to your home or site
You can arrange a date with us for your lawn delivery if you want to plant it yourself or if you have a gardener. You can also arrange that we supply topsoil and lawn dressing to you for your new project.
• We do installation of lawn and ground preparation.
Le bois roll on lawns can also offer you the full package if you don’t want to do it yourself. We can do from ground preparation to planting the sods and rolling it afterwards to create a basis for a beautiful new lawn.

We also do over seeding of areas where required. Le Bois Roll on Lawns can do the preparation of soil for over seeding. Over seeding is the spreading of lawn seeds over an area and mixing it lightly with the soil. Afterwards it gets compacted lightly. The disadvantage of over seeding is it can easily die off in the germination period if enough water is not applied. It also takes quite long to form a decent lawn and needs a lot of attention in the beginning.

We can prepare your soil for you and use various machines or labour to get rid of unwanted vegetation or old grass that has to be removed. We also do leveling and shaping of the soil. Le Bois Roll on Lawns have the right equipment to make the job go smoothly .

Also enquire about our lawn maintenance contract. For a minimum monthly fee we can offer you different options to choose from like fertilizing, weed control ,pest control lawn ,dressing, fungi control; and many more. We will apply the right application seasonally or monthly to prevent lawn diseases and fertilizers to keep your lawn in top condition. Prevention is better than cure and a healthy good looking lawn is less acceptable to diseases and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Pests in lawn can be a huge problem and can destroy your entire lawn in a short period of time. We can come to you and apply the pesticides for your lawn. Our equipment is calibrated to put the correct amount of pesticides on your grass in order not to damage your lawn. We also have the knowledge to use the correct pesticide for the problem in your lawn. If pesticides are applied correctly it will most definitely save you a lot of money in the long run and keep your lawn in a beautiful healthy condition.

Did you ever wonder why your neighbours grass is always greener. All grass needs nutrients to be in a healthy condition. A healthy lawn needs certain nutrients throughout the year to stay in a good condition. Putting the wrong fertilizer on will probably has no effect on your lawn and will just waste you money or can even destroy or damage your lawn. We can come to your place and do an evaluation of your lawn where after we can apply the correct fertilizer to improve the quality of your lawn. Our equipment is calibrated to spread fertilizers evenly and not too much, in order to make sure your lawn does not get damaged.

Weeds in lawn can make a healthy and good looking lawn look in a bad condition almost overnight. Seeds in soil germinate when conditions is right. There will always be seeds that gets spread either by blowing by wind or that was in compost or even from garden services. At Le Bois Roll on Lawns we can apply herbicides to prevent seeds from germinating and is mainly applied just before winter as a preventative measurement. Existing weeds that already germinated is also not a problem and can also be sorted out with the correct herbicides. One of the most common problems when you apply your own herbicide is that the correct amount of herbicide doesn’t get applied to your lawn. Our equipment is calibrated to put the right amount on the lawn without damaging the lawn. Another problem that occurred quite often is that the wrong herbicide gets used for the weeds. By doing that the weeds normally don’t die or you can destroy your entire lawn. We have the knowledge to put the right herbicides on your lawn. 

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We roll on lawn and grass in the Western Cape, Brakenfell, Paarl, Malmesbury, Cape Town and Durbanville.

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