Grass Lawn Fertilizers


We use organic compost which we mix with your soil before placing down the roll on lawn. It is a product composed of organic material such as decayed grass, leaves, wood shavings etc. It is used to regenerate poor soil quality and it increases nutrients in clay and sandy soil. It also helps to reduce invasion of pests as well as disease. Compost improves the water holding capacity and humus content of your soil. Compost ensures that your soil remains moist, regulates room temperature and eliminates the presence of weeds.


Adds macro and minor nutrients to the soil, as well as it adds small amounts of trace nutrients. It improves your soil quality and improves the health of your plants or lawn.


Is used to raise the level of ground before placing down your lawn and which makes the existing soil more fertile. It helps with absorption of water especially in clay and sandy soils.


We place lawn dressing on top of your lawn about two weeks after the lawn is laid to even out the lumps and bumps and even if there was too much settling and there are a few dips which need to be levelled. It helps to stimulate the grass to produce new shoots. It is also helps the ground to absorb water especially if the existing soil is clay or sandy.

Filling Sand

Used to raise existing ground level.

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