Le Bois Lawns, for either roll on lawn or instant grass, know that no garden looks better than one that is well-kept, and that is why we don’t just arrive at your place and throw down roll on lawn or instant grass and expect it to grow. We first conduct a thorough onsite evaluation to establish exactly the lawn measurements and to evaluate your soil for roll on lawn or instant grass compatibility.




Buffalo is an indigenous lawn which is suitable for sunny and semi shade areas. It will grow best in full sun and it can adapt
to heat and drought.  
Buffalo is a broad leafed grass which grows by above ground runners and forms a dense mat.
It requires less mowing and because it is indigenous it is
less susceptible to fungus and disease.  
Buffalo is a slow growing grass which makes it low maintenance but it cannot take a lot of traffic. Do not mow the lawn too short because once damaged it will take time to re grow or will not grow at all. Be careful when adding topsoil because once too much is put over covering the lawn completely, it can smother and die.
Water well for several weeks until the roots have settled and then water lightly till the lawn is established but be careful for over watering because it might rot specially in shady areas where evaporation is low.
Buffalo is not recommended for pets or children. If you are looking for a softer lawn, the buffalo is quite a thick lawn and can be hard on the feet. Important, if your lawn is not watered or mowed, don’t expect it to look good



Kikuyu is the most common form of lawn which is also more affordable. It is a light green creeping lawn with a thin blade and it spreads long runners across the ground aiding it in repairing damaged areas quickly. It requires full sun and is not suitable for shady areas. It thrives in most soils but grows best in sandy lime clay soil. It is faster growing so it needs more maintenance and it can take more traffic than any other lawn. It loves water so it needs to be watered at least twice a day on very hot days for at least three weeks after the new grass is established. When your lawn is well established then you can water once a day in summer. It is recommended for you to mow your lawn every 7–10 days in summer and every 2–5 weeks in autumn and winter, but only if necessary as the growth rate will decrease during this time of year. Remember that only 30 – 40 percent of your leaf must be removed as cutting too low will damage your lawn. Kikuyu is a low disease lawn and is susceptible to cold temperatures but can recover quickly from moderate wear or severe injury. In protected areas (no frost) it has the ability to stay green all year round and will hold colour well in most conditions. It is suitable for children and pets because of its soft texture and fast growing nature.



Berea which is similar to buffalo is also a slow grower but much softer than buffalo, with a broad leaf, medium textured which has a good heat and drought tolerance, and is a dark green grass in ideal growing conditions. It can handle semi shade areas well. It tolerates shade and it takes medium amount of traffic and just like the buffalo it shouldn’t be mowed too short. It is the only grass that grows well in both sunny and shady areas.



Cynodan lawn is a creeping lawn with a softer denser more fine texture. Cynodan is a indigenous lawn which requires full sun and can take high amount of traffic. It can be accepted in many developments for the choice of lawn such as sports fields, parks and golf courses. Because it is a hardy grass, it can still survive during water restrictions. It has a deep root system and has the ability to combat soil erosion. If looked well after, it can be a good choice of lawn. It has to be well maintained because of its rapid growth and there for can also invade flower beds fast. It can tolerate dryness but water frequently to keep it at its best condition. The grass has a number of pest problems but because of its rapid rate of recovery it reduces the need for pesticides. Mow twice a week during active growth especially during summer otherwise your lawn may yellow in color. It grows into an elegant green drought tolerant, heat loving, well wearing lawn.

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